MITTWOCH, 04.12.2019 / 19.30 Uhr
Hier erwartet euch eine musikalische Mixtur aus Garage Folk und Exotic Blues.


ROSARIO BAEZA is from Buenos Aires. FRED RASPAIL was born in Lyon... One got the charmin secret of hypnotic and exotic melodies, the other got the one man band spirit, drums on the feet, guitar in the hand...

Seein them live, it’s like «watchin Johnny Cash and June Carter with the Cramps in a Tarantino movie»* They say...
Your new favorite «two (wo)man band» orchestra is made of guitars plugged straight to the amps, hypnotic and primitive drums rythms, sexy organs and mysterious violins playin all for those two wild and charming voices. Folk garage, cumbia blues and primitive rock’n’roll :
yes, you can name it, yes for sure you will dance on it... But, the truth is : Fred & Rose are from the church of Rock’n’Roll and they found something rare in their music : SOME ESSENTIAL...
Their first LP, Estado Alpha, will be out in 2020. 10 songs of pleasure and mystery produced, mixed and distorsionned by Fred Raspail. Recorded in Munich, Germany, in April 2019, this album reflects their wild spirit ; one day, one song they said... So they were, 10 days in the studio, starting every morning with the same question : what do we do today ?
In an era of digital production, some still trust in this rare and simple forgotten thing : THE SPIRIT !


Färberstraße 44
90402 Nürnberg

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