SONNTAG, 27.10.2019 / 21.00 Uhr
Die beiden Bands servieren euch heute verschiedene Formen und Farben der Punkmusik.


- VISION 3D (Tournai, BE)
is a 3-dimensional Franco-Belgian band, exploring the boundaries of the guitar-bass-drums combination with a clear focus on melodies and energy. Lulu and Ced were previously active in the garage band THEE MARVIN GAYS, while Calamiti used to drum in the noise-punk trio MARIA GORETTI QUARTET. They decided to join forces to create a new band, with a stripped punk sound, supporting Lulu’s powerful female vocals, sung entirely in French. Expect influences as varied as THE BUZZCOCKS and THE SLITS, with raw guitar riffs that will definitely make you want to “pogo-pogo” like there's no tomorrow. Their first record, containing 9 songs illustrating their trademark sound, will be out soon on the French independent label “Six Tonnes de Chair” and the excellent Antwerpen "Belly button records".

- PINK ROOM (Gent, BE)
The guitarist has been in some other bands, the drummer has been in some other bands, the singer/bassplayer has been in some other bands. Now they are in this band.
PINK ROOM started playing a lot of shows in 2018 and gained a more than solid live reputation. The Ghent based noise trio melts your face of with penetrating vocal sounds and highly distorted energetic tunes. One of the greatest new bands around in Belgium! Kill a banana if you feel anger coming up while listening to the record. Eat a banana if you're hungry.


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