DIENSTAG, 08.10.2019 / 20.00 Uhr
Galerie // Mit diesen drei Bands bekommt ihr eine ordentliche Portion Heavy Doom auf die Ohren.


Monolord formed in 2013, quickly recording their 2xLP debut Empress Rising, which RidingEasy Records released in April 1st, 2014. The second album, Vænir, followed April 28th, 2015. The 2-song Lord of Suffering / Die in Haze EP was issued in late 2016 amid the band’s relentless touring schedule in order to tide fans over until the next full length.
Noisey calls Monolord "universally beloved" and "Swedish doom royalty”, while Consequence of Sound deems them, “a truly modern sound: recognizably doom, but with glistening production values and adventurous songcraft.” Vænir landed on countless Album of the Year lists in 2015, and Rust is poised to open an entirely new range of possibilities for Monolord.

Relatively new to the fold having formed in the spring of 2016, Firebreather is a devastatingly weighty statement of intent. Tooth shattering riffs from guitarist/vocalist Mattias Nööjd and crunching rhythms via bassist Kyle Pitcher and drummer Axel Wittbeck, Firebreather are a jaw-breaking triptych of sludge and doom rock.
”With a band this sludgy you wouldn’t expect hooks aplenty, yet this shit is catchier than The Clap and downright fatal if you catch it.”

A fresh & brutal all-female doom/death outfit from Copenhagen.
Slowly but insistently, resounding bass riffs and a brutal deathvocals will pierce through your body, as KONVENT make you feel their love of heavy and simple oldschool doom. Last year Konvent released a demo, which quickly became the beginning of a warm welcome into the Danish metal scene, and since then they have played all over Denmark.


Frankenstraße 200
90461 Nürnberg

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